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Born in Chicago, he began his comedy career at the age of 19 while attending college in Florida. Toured as a road comedian in 2001 before moving to Los Angeles, early 2001 where he found it impossible to tolerate the Hollywood comedy clubs. Became a regular in the underground Black clubs 2002-07 when he was discovered by Katt Williams, who dubbed Lolli “Urban Jew”.

Katt Williams

He may be too funny for his own good

Katt Williams

Why the hell should you hire me?

Well maybe, in all honesty, you shouldn’t.

Mainly because you are probably a yuppie bitch.

Your soul got fucked in the ass by Oprah Winfrey holding Mickey Mouse’s dick somewhere in the mid 90’s. Now you feel sophisticated when you watch adult cartoons.

You are desperate to be entertained , yet terrified to admit that you don’t like most entertainment.

You are afraid of being labled a hater if you don’t pay attention to who can eat their shit the fastest on prime time. Or maybe you just have to pretend to dig top 40 tampon commercial songs that sound like they were made to help sell an energy drink.

Or worse even, music that makes the theme song to “Full House” sound deep and beautiful.

I heard one song like that today. Sometimes you just can’t dodge that shit.

Worse still- your life could be an even more diverse kind of comic tragedy.

Perhaps you went to the best schools with the leftovers of American revolutionaries.

The academics taught you that humor that might hurt somebody’s feelings is not very intellectual.

Beware of stand up comedy and it’s viciously-fueled heterosexual men who are just looking to beat down women, gays, animals, bankers, insurance agents and other people you may be related to who care for their pets, are against bullies and fighting to make videogames gender-neutral.

Here is how you will solve this problem: Censor those Neanderthals! Teach them how to behave. Socially engineer them. You can do it, too. You have all the resources. You inherited them!

However, if you are disgusted by either of both of these kind of people, hire me.

Get them all in a room together at the same time and I will fuck them up.

We will film the show and then send a copy to each of them so they can keep it in thier video library next to “Glee”, “The Princess Diaries”, some shit with Tyler Perry and the dvd of their wedding ceremony.

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