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In the meantime…


It has been tough season thus far for my beloved Chicago Bears.
We had an off week this week which was probably the most enjoyable week of the season. The least stressful, for sure.
It is the halfway point of the years. The Bears are 3-5. Which, to those of you who do not follow the NFL, means we suck.
We have a quarterback who is not really a warrior and gives the ball to the other team a lot.
We have an aging, pieced together defense and we are in a division where the other teams are tough.
Even the bad ones look like they are better than us.

My mother will laugh at my dad.
I will get a message most Sundays (when we are losing or have been beaten) from her “What is wrong with your father? He locked himself in the room and won’t talk to anyone”
That is the level of depression my poor family experiences.
For as big a city as LA is, it is not much of a sports town.

First of all, most people I know don’t even own a Television. If they do, they don’t have cable.
I have neither tv or cable and this is the only time of year that I miss it.
I guess I have gotten used to going out to a public place to watch. Sports bars are also NOT in abundance out here.
Plus, football starts at 10 in the morning out here which is admittedly awesome.
However, I have to find a place that serves breakfast and has the games on.

I don’t think west coast people understand it when you say LA is not really a sports town.
Perhaps they haven’t spent time in the east or Midwest where that’s all people do on Sunday.
And where that is all people talk about during the week and in the offseason. I’m not saying it’s good by any stretch.
There’s just a lot more to do in a city like Los Angeles. And most people seem to not give a fuck about sports.
Maybe if we get a NFL team here it would be different.