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The NINTENDO situation.

As adults, many of my friends still play video games and I can’t help but look at them like idiots. I mean no malice in this description. They simply look like idiots. They will waste major parts of their life competing for nothing. Occasionally, during one of these month-long or marathons to win nothing, they will get stuck on some level or task in the game and their mood will change drastically. “Do you want to take a break man? Maybe get high or something? “ I will suggest. “I can get high while I’m playing. Thanks Though.” One of them will respond curtly. They will bang their head against that wall again and again and again, still no change in result. “Maybe if you just walk away from it for a little bit-“ I will say again hours later. “-Leave me alone, okay? You don’t understand this.” They snap back. But I used to understand, according to others…

Like many of these stories, some of my memory has to be refreshed by others and even some of these things I have forgotten altogether and have to take the word of others. What I do know is that I loved ATARI. My grandfather bought for us and I played pac-man until I was fantasizing about being him. By the time I was 11 though, I had long forgotten about ATARI and was solidly into sports and girls when I was gifted with a NINTENDO. I did not beg or even ask for a NINTENDO but all the other kids had one so I guess my parents assumed it was all the rage so they got me one. I immediately became addicted. I only had about 5 games but for the next few years these games became my life. As soon as I was home from school, it was straight to the box.

The 5 games I had were these: Castlevania, Mike Tyson’s punch-out, Super Mario, The Legend of Zelda and Contra. Duck Hunt came with the box but I’m not counting that. Eventually I stopped playing video games altogether. I do not recall when exactly or why. But here’s what my mother told me:

I was alone at home playing the Nintendo. The phone rang and I went and got it. It was my sister. She had an accident at the gym and had seriously hurt herself. She needed me to call our mom immediately. I told her I would. I then hung up the phone and went back to my Nintendo game which I was engrossed in. I never called my mother. Needless to say, when my mother came home, she took my Nintendo and never gave it back to me. I am certain I went through withdrawal for a good, extended period of time. But, eventually I got over it and never had the desire to play video games again. I do not remember any of this story. It was recounted to me by my mother last year. That was the end of video games for me.