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This all really started as I was zipping through West Hollywood on my bike one day. The idea struck me and made me laugh.

The first comic instinct was to ridicule those animal rights yuppies who would spit on a poor person.

Later on I thought “Yoga Ho” was a good general description of those women at the Whole Foods that carry around this air of being spiritual and neo-tribal but really they are looking for someone with status to save them from the real world abyss.

Since these two types of people seem to commonly intersect, I wrote a comedy skit using the latter to administer the former. But in a twilight zone kinda way.

I really had no intention of shooting it one day I was on the phone with an ballsy actress claim she would be excited to play the part of “Yoga Ho”

We got lucky finding another really talented actress and a bunch of other really talented people who loved the idea and were willing to work for next to nothing.

Also, a great Co-Director who could oversee a lot of the production, so I could actually be in it.

I got a few old friends to pitch in some money (Ricochet Entertainment Group and Sam Sero).

So for a minuscule budget of around 300 dollars, we proudly present:



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