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steven-lolli-kat-williamsWriter for Katt Wiliams (2007-09) and Eddie Pepitone (2018-Present) –

Steven Lolli was the only white Jewish comedian in south central LA for a decade.

Lolli began earning his underground status as the only white, Jewish comedian in black comedy clubs in south LA in the early 2000’s. Lolli, who found it impossible to get meaningful stage time in Hollywood’s comedy clubs, ventured to a different side of town and became an irregular act in front of an unlikely audience gaining him cult status in LA when he was eventually chosen as a creative collaborator by Katt Williams (2007). The collaboration with Williams led Lolli to be featured as himself in” Katt Williams: 9 Lives” (2010).

Called the “Urban Jew” by Williams – Lolli’s comedy could be best described as “Lenny Bruce if he was appearing on Def Comedy Jam”.

Steven is currently writing for brilliant stand up Eddie Pepitone, they have co-created several shows and Lolli was the co-host of Pepitone’s “PepTalks” podcast for All Things Comedy Studios (2018-20).

Lolli has hosted two seasons of his own podcast “The No Idea Zone” with guests such as Rick Overton, Sam Tripoli, Ted Alexandro, and many more…

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